"Wellington ATM has been absolutely wonderful in providing support and information that keeps my ATM portfolio running. Whether it’s a new installation, funds distribution or tech support, Wellington has been there when needed. The diversity on different brands of ATMs is outstanding and Rich and Eric have been very responsive. All promises have been kept whether it’s a promise to return a call or promise to ship parts or product…and that’s saying a lot. I appreciate the extraordinary service and would recommend Wellington to anyone deploying ATMs."
Charlie Womack
ATM ProSource

"We have been a customer of Wellington for 13 years.  Any time we call, everyone is so friendly and very helpful.  The service has been excellent.  We look forward to many more years of great service."
Mary Rose
Mohawk Dairy Store

"We have partnered with Wellington Technologies for over nine years. If you have a problem and you need to call them, they answer their phones. We are very happy with the service. Best deal around, period!"
Brian J Bossard
Thriftway Stores

"Black Hills ATM has had Wellington Technologies as a partner, processor and ATM supplier since 2003. Our relationship with Wellington has been one of stability, fairness, integrity, and honesty. It has been a pleasure to have a stable partner that Black Hills ATM can depend on. I have almost transferred all of our ATM’s to Wellington Technologies because of the wonderful relationship that we have, and will continue to do so. Jerry provides great leadership for his company and we are proud to be a small part of that."
James Czywczynski
Black Hills ATM, Inc.

"We have had an exceptionally strong partnership with Wellington since 2006. With 22 ATM machines in operation today, we have come to rely on their expertise and experience in the ATM industry. It’s no surprise to me how they have developed so many strong relationships and major endorsements from organizations over the years. You would hard pressed to find a better line of ATM machines or service in this industry today. I would definitely recommend Wellington to anyone considering getting an ATM machine for his or her business."
Jim Steen
Valley Video Games

"Wellington Technologies has been our ATM service provider for many years, and it has always been a good relationship. Wellington’s service is outstanding. Wellington Support is friendly, fast and reliable. They often call us to alert us of ATM problems before we are even aware of them. I would definitely recommend them to anyone."
Carmen Hutchins
Stop-N-Go Office

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