If your ATMs are equipped with self-diagnosing software, 90% of all performance issues can be diagnosed or resolved by resetting the ATM.

Most equipment providers will charge for a service call (hourly rate, mileage, etc.) even if all they do is turn the machine on and off to reset it (unplugging it will not help if it is equipped with a battery back up). Communication problems can result in slow or incomplete transactions. If the ATM is out of money, especially on a regular basis, your customers will view it as unreliable and will find somewhere else to get their cash. Your ATM should be able to tell you when it has a problem and what the problem is.

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ALL of Wellington’s ATM equipment comes with self-diagnosing software standard AND can be repaired by the ATM owner/operator quickly and easily with assistance from the Help Desk if needed.

Like no other ATM out there

piggybankYou will never pay for a service technician to travel to your location to flip a switch and tell you that they will have to return later to install the required part. Your ATM can be back up and running in minutes not hours or days. Knowledgeable and friendly technical support is always available

I recently spoke to a financial institution that had several ATMs spread across a large area; their current processor does not offer any technical support and they are required to contract the work out. Unfortunately for them there is no one in the immediate area of their ATMs who can provide this service so they have to rely on support from another STATE.

This is how it works: the ATM machine stops working for whatever reason, location calls home office, home office calls out-of-state technical support that then drives to the location. Upon assessment the technician realizes that the ATM requires part(s) that he does not carry with him and promises to return…Meanwhile the ATM sits idle, customers find another ATM to use and the location loses the money not just from the missed transactions but also in the 20-35% of the money withdrawn from the ATM that is usually spent in the location…

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