What does owner-repaired mean?

Owner-repaired means that you, as an owner/operator, can easily perform repairs on your ATM with the assistance of our 24/7 Help Desk – FREENO CHARGEEVER!!!

Why have I never heard of an ATM machine that I can repair myself? Have they been around long?

Frankly we never considered the need to market our machines for their owner-reparability and low cost of ownership advantages. Wellington Technologies has been supplying businesses throughout the U.S. with owner-repaired machines since 1999 but realized only recently that a great many ATM owner/operators did not know about our products and their potential for increased profitability through ATM ownership opportunities.

Why should I purchase an extended parts warranty?

Wellington’s all parts extended warranty is a very cost effective way of keeping your cost of ownership at a minimum. A small portion of your surcharge can be used for this warranty or you can purchase this service outright call us today to discuss this benefit. All of the parts on your Wellington ATM are covered. That means NO REPAIR BILLS on your ATM machine EVER. Costly labor charges become a thing of the past because you are now the “service technician” – no more maintenance/service contracts.

I already have a “FREE” machine at my location. Can I profit from owning my own ATM?

Yes – With a Wellington owner repaired ATM machine you can PROFIT From ATM ownership. Wellington Technologies can do an analysis of your current situation and advise you on your potential profit with the only ATM that is completely owner-repaired and has the lowest 5-year operating cost in the industry.

How quickly can I get a Wellington ATM?

You can have your new Wellington ATM machine in your location, up and running, in about 10 days.

What do I need to do to get my location ready for my new Wellington ATM?

All you need is a location close to the front door that has a standard outlet, a phone or Internet connection (WebGateway?) and vault cash to fill your ATM when it arrives. When the machine is delivered to your location a simple phone call to our Help Desk staff will have you up & running that same day. EASY!!!

My ATM location is 20 miles from my house. Is there any way to check on the machine without having to go to the location or bother the employees?

Yes – one of the many advantages to processing your ATM through Wellington is our real-time activity reporting via the Internet. You can easily check the cash and activity status of your machine from the comfort of your home or office without having to travel to or bother the staff at the location. CONVENIENT!!

I want to place an ATM in a location that is open 24-hours a day. If I have problems with the machine at 1 a.m. on a Saturday will I have to wait until Monday to get my problem resolved?

NO! – Wellington’s Technical Support is TRULY 24/7 support. Unlike many of our competitors (who promise 24 hour assistance but really just have an answering service that cannot help you beyond taking a message to be delivered next business day), you will always get in touch with a knowledgeable, helpful member of our Wellington staff.