atminsideWhy operate ATMs at Your Location:

  • ATM Customers spend 30% of the money they withdraw from an ATM in the owner’s business. The average withdrawal amount is $116.00 per withdrawal, so $34.80 is spent in your location
  • ATMs typically increase stores sales over 8% per month at convenience store locations
  • 80% of all Americans have an ATM Card and 60% of them use it an average of 8 times per month
  • $3.00 is the most common ATM surcharge amount nationwide.
  • Fewer credit card terminal charges.
  • No more bad checks.
  • In 2012 there were 5.8 billion ATM cash withdrawals with an average value of $116.00 (2013 Federal Reserve Payment Study.)
  • An ATM will give your Locations a Competitive Advantage.