adaphonesWellington Technologies will be offering an ADA compliance kit for the following Greenlink & WTI models of ATM:

  • Merlin I,II,III
  • TTW 1000/2000/2500
  • 3D95/Wizard kit
  • WCD-9000/CD-9000
  • Odyssey 1000/2000

Call Wellington Today to Pre-Order Your ADA Kit at 1-800-494-6984

**WTI will not offer kits for the C-1000/2000/3000, T-1000 or U-1000. Please call for more machine options for these type of machines.**

Pricing for all Merlin, TTW, WCD/CD, and 3D95/Wizard kit will be $800.00

Atractive young woman with headphones _ HorizontalIf you have a Merlin, TTW, WCD/CD, or 3D95/Wizard kit and have upgraded to the stainless uniform pin-pad call for special pricing.

Pricing for the Odyssey 1000/2000 models will be $250.00

Wellington expects an initial back-order for all ADA kits, but are now taking pre-orders