Because we value the loyalty of our present and future customers, we strive to provide the highest standards in their support, realizing that the true success of our Automated Teller Machine Business is rooted in service. We are committed to being solutions oriented. We believe by empowering our employees to solve our customer’s problems, we can best meet their service needs in a timely manner.

Whether you are a single store owner or the manager of a large chain – Wellington Technologies can help you select the proper owner repaired ATM for your business application. In business since 1994, Wellington Technologies continues to be a small ethical provider of ATM equipment and processing, catering to a unique group of customers who desire quality products and service combined with low operating costs and long term profitability.

toolmoneyWhy Wellington Technologies ATM owners experience higher quality service:

  • No Auto Attendant Unit – We have a Receptionist during business hours (6am – 6 pm weekdays) and an answering service after hours & weekends.
  • Our knowledgeable Technical Support Staff is available 24 hours a day every day including holidays.
  • Easy internet online access monitoring of their ATM activity.
  • Frequent Wellington newsletters that contain useful information that keep them informed about our latest ATM related products, services and money saving news from Wellington.

Owners of Wellington’s ATM equipment benefit from:

  • Customized placement consulting and higher resulting profitability
  • Quick and easy repairs they do themselves and save $1,000’s of dollars
  • Reliable fully featured ATMs with the industry’s lowest operating cost
  • Daily vault cash and surcharge payments via Direct Deposit
  • Personal and professional attention
  • Our ATM equipment qualifies for investment tax credit!