networksupportATM Driving

  • Fully 3DES compliant
  • Communications options
  • Dial-up via shared or dedicated voice grade telephone service
  • Internet Protocol direct connectivity
  • Leased line emulation
  • ATM Transaction Support for switching, approval and/or reversal support
  • Daily network-wide settlement via Federal Reserve System and Direct Deposit
  • ATM Assist automated internet reporting (real time, weekly & monthly)

Technical Support

  • True 24/7 Help Desk technical support Hot Line
  • New ATM setup on switch
  • New ATM 3-DES CIM programming and shipment
  • ATM equipment installation support
  • ATM Equipment trouble shooting and repair with owner
  • Replacement parts shipping
  • Returned parts testing & repair

Accounting Support

  • Settlement Help Desk
  • Month-End transaction settlement & billing
  • Daily and month-end manual transaction activity reporting to owner(s)
  • Daily Reg-E claims processing & network presentment
  • New ATM equipment ordering & shipping

VISA and CIRRUS Operating Regulations Compliance

  • Sponsor bank relations, monthly reporting and annual compliance audits
  • Processing agreement compliance management
  • ATM owner(s) background checks & credit checks
  • 3-DES compliance issues
  • ATM location survey compliance management